Please note: The equipment inventory via this program is only available for loan to personnel from public education agencies (i.e., districts, charters, and other public schools), as defined in Arizona state statute and recognized by the Arizona Department of Education.

If you are not affiliated with a public education agency, please visit the Arizona Technology Access Program’s loan program, which is available to all residents of Arizona.

If you are not finding what you are needing, you may request items from the general AzTAP inventory. After searching in the AzTAP inventory please enter the AzTAP inventory id number of the item (s) you are wanting into the online ADE Request Form.

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The library does not contain an exhaustive inventory of all assistive technology categories and products on the market. If the requested device is not in our inventory, the Library may opt to purchase or rent the device from the vendor. Please contact us if there is something you need that is not on the inventory list. The Library reserves the right to substitute a similar or equivalent device if the specific unit requested is already out on loan or otherwise not available.

If you have a suggestion for a device you'd like to see in our inventory, tell us about it!

HINTS: Enter any part of the manufacturer name, product name, or product description. For example, entering dyna would match "DynaVox", "DynaMatch" or "dynamic" anywhere in the name. Note that the search is NOT case sensitive.

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Our loan library partners with the Assistive Technology program of the Arizona Department of Education/Exceptional Student Services. Learn more about the ADE ESS Assistive Technology program.